suitable power supply

hi guys, im trying to build a robot and i am looking for a decent power supply for the arduino aas well as the l293n H bridge which requires roughly 9v power supply. i found this on ebay and was wondering will it work

can i plug it straight into the arduino or will i require some sort of converter for it? im afraid it might fry the arduino…Question, will a 4A current fry an arduino?


Things only take the current they need from a constant voltage supply.

DMond: will a 4A current fry an arduino?

There's a gigawatt power station connected to your PC. Does it explode?

Ohms Law. It works.

The motor connected to the bridge… Does it handle 9V
The arduino will have no problem with this powersource.
Connect wires and 2,1mm plug to it to match arduinos input