Hi list,

I am interested to mount a sensor on a wall and catch anybody that approaches from any direction to the wall. The sensing distance should be less than 3-4 meters... This means that I need a sensor with a wide angle (180 degrees). Till now I have used the Sharp 2YOAO2 F but it works only if you stand in a straight line in front of the sensor.. any suggestion highly appreciated..

PIR sensor can do..

also Arduino code here

Hello Spiros,

I see you looked for a sensor with a wide angle. Unfortunately I can't help you because of my lack of knowledge. But perhaps you want to help me? I needed a sensor with a small angle to catch a object in a short tube and I found this Sharp sensor. Like I said so, my lack of knowledge prevent me from making a proper code to handle the Arduino and read out some distance figures. So my question is: are you willing to post your original code and help me out here?

Thanks in advance