Summing Axis from GY521 (MPU 6050)

After searching high and low, I have become frustrated about learning the proper way to sum the values that are retrieved from the GY521.

I need to find the actual orientation and acceleration of a person and graph those values on a chart. Right now, all I need are the sum values of the gyro and accelerometer then I will be able to graph out the information.

Can someone assist me with providing a way to find these sums or a direction of where I should go? I would greatly appreciate it.

Plenty of books about vector calculus and flight dynamics. I recommend quaternions.

Anything a little more specific, and that would not get me more confused and frustrated please.

Sometimes, you just have to learn something about what you are doing. If you want to be a rocket scientist, you have to study some rocket science. Your desire for "summing axis", whatever you think you mean by that, suggests you have a bit to go.

There are plenty of websites and online tutorials from people who have already addressed this issue.