Sun LED Lamp

Hi all. I'm very new to this Arduino thing, I am a "hardware" guy, as much as I hate to say it. on the electronics side of things I'm ok but thought I would take the plunge and learn to code a micro. anyway, the project I have in mind is going to be simple for someone experienced im sure.

basically, I'm after having an LED fade on over a period of about half an hour when an input pin is made high. and stay on until that input pin becomes low and then the led will fade out again over a period of about half an hour, and that's it. it sounds so simple I hunted high and low on both this forum and google and was surprised that I couldn't find anything.

if anyone need help with any electronic things, I can help you out.

thanks if anyone can help.

in the mean time back to the Arduino book I bought so see if I can get any inspiration.