Sunfounder Rollpaw

I need some direction on how to control a gripper or, actually, a Sunfounder Rollpaw. I have completed assembly and it works but now what? I need to be able to control it to open/close, rotate to a certain position and so forth.

I sent a request to Sunfounder with this and have not gotten any reply.

I'm more than willing to educate myself but have no idea where to go to do so. I am a senior newbie so cut me some slack.


It is best is you provide a link to what you have. Helps us so we do less guessing.

You might think about looking through the Sunfounder Rollpaw user manual, which includes wiring and code examples for Arduino.

Who knows? There could be other useful stuff on the manufacturer's web page.

Be advised that powering servos from the arduino as shown in the manual is not a good idea.

Provide a separate power supply for the servos.