SunFounder's First Robot Kit - Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino

We've made many kits for Arduino for people to learn the platform easily. To move forward, we want to explore further in this field. We want more people to feel the charm of making a robot by themselves. Our Crawling Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino (SunFounder focuses on STEAM education with Open-Source robots) helps you learn how to make a robot starting from the very beginning. So we made this robot, based on Arduino. :slight_smile:

When we designed the robot, we first wanted it to be interesting. Meanwhile, it should be simple to apply for users. Through this kit, you may improve your capability of hands-on practice and master much knowledge in both hardware and software.

The body of the quadruped robot made of acrylic plates. The acrylic material is good looking and less costly than other materials. What's more important, with the CAD diagrams you may personalize your own robot.

As for the driver part, we designed a servo driver board to drive the 12 servos in the robot and a remote controller board for wireless control. On the servo control board, a SunFounder Nano is used as the main control board; an nRF24L01 module is adopted for wireless communication.

18650 battery is adopted as the power supply of the robot since it is rechargeable, universal, sufficiently high voltage to drive the servos and long-lasting in performance.

So these are what we've thought of and put into practice for this robot kit. You can tell we've actually contributed a lot of energy and time to its development. But that's not the whole story. After bringing it into reality, we also made some tutorials for you to learn the assembly and the sketch conveniently. We want it to be an "edutainment" thing. We honestly hope the kit can be a good helper on your road toward making. :slight_smile: