Super cheap 12-bit Color LCD with serial chip.

I searched Sparkfun for LCD looking to buy a cheap lcd for when my arduino gets here, and found something that didn't show up in my searches before. It's a 12-bit color (4,096 color) LCD that normally is a replacement for a Nokia cell phone. It includes a serial interface, so the arduino should be able to interface with it.

Best part is, it's only 14.95 plus shipping. It's also 128x128 resolution.

Bad part, it comes with 1 of 2 possible serial chips and doesn't have a good interface for attaching and reattaching connections. Maybe put some headers on it? Also, it's a 9-bit serial interface. Does that matter on arduino?

Anyway, What do you guys think of about it, and is it a new product or was I just not seeing it before?

Here is the link:

You’ll be a lot happier in the long run if you spend a little more:

The connector on the screen alone is small. Real small. Really, really small.

Soldering wires to it is going to be a challenge.

yea that's been on there for a little while now, guess my hangup with it has been even in monochrome (8 pixels per byte) to do 128x128 requires 2048 bytes of ram (which I guess is not a big deal since it has everything on board)

While this LCD doesn’t have buttons, it’s the same LCD, but it’s 3.3v AND 5v logic capable. With the other boards, they’re only 3.3v capable I believe, which just means you’ll need a logic converter, or resistors. (And it’s about $10 more after shipping)

It’s a very sturdy board as well, but you’d kind of expect that for paying $45.

You can get a Serial (not SPI Serial, but UART) OLED for $50 that includes a slot for a micro-sd card. (also a little bit smaller) Personally, I wish I would’ve bought the OLED board, but I don’t recall seeing it when I was looking.

(These are MUCH easier to use than the SPI LCDs, and take less pins, and they have the built in ability to read images off the micro-sd card and draw them, you can draw on top of the image.)