Super Computer Power AND piping hot 24/7 hot water?

Step1. build a giant frying pan.

Step2. Design a board that can be linked together ( a modular motherboard?)

Step3. Everyone turns in any processor that is saything faster than a Dual Core, donated, unused, even GPUs i guess.

Step 4. Find a Genius who could do this.

Step 5. Place in parallel all the CPU's quads of quads of quads, in huge 3 dimensional arrays whatever.

Step 6. Stand back and look at square half a mile 500k+ core all made to be totally flat and level (the hard part)

Step 7. Place huge frying pan on top of the giant CPU cooker.

Step 8. Pump fresh water into the frying pan, and watch it boil, that can be piped to homes for instant hot water.

Step 9. All move to RISC cpu's low power architecture

Step 10. Supply ultra fast connections, not to the internet, but everyone dials into the super computer via your samsung galaxy's and tablets (Minium requirement being able to stream on demand)

Step 11. Once in the shell, you get access to all the CPU power you could ever need, you run your windows applications in the cloud heat transfer comes in the form of delivery of hot water, this will cut down gas and electric bills.

Step 12. you login into a virtual (but completely your own) workspace, you could login on your phone or notebook, or tablet, etc.

(Or use the heat from the super computer to warm up buildings? anyway.... this kind of dream ever going to be possible?

Two Questions about your grandiose idea:

  1. What are you smoking?

  2. Can you send some?


Unless you live near by, no you can't have some :P