Super simple music control LED strips

Devices List:
Arduino development board(any series) x1
WS281X series intelligent LED strips x1
Microphones music collection sensor x1
LCD1602 display x1
1uF non-polarity capacitance x1
9014 NPN x1
150R resistor x1
1k resistor x2
10k resistor x1
1M resistor x1
Wire several

Above is preparation for designing,own them,you can start to play it!

First you need to set up a music collection circuit, here I will share the circuit i used.

Next, let’s set up the LCD liquid display circuit, the circuit connection is described in the Arduino drawing software, here I also share a circuit.

If picture is too small to see clearly,you can enlarge image.I will explain the reason of building display circuit later ^_^.

Above are all circuits required in the music control led strip.And then we will write the driven program in Arduino (If you have downloaded Adafruit_NeoPixel. H header file,then you can ignore this)
Before write programs we need to download a library function: GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit_NeoPixel: Arduino library for controlling single-wire LED pixels (NeoPixel, WS2812, etc.) download this file, Unzip each library, remove the “-master” from the name of the folder then put the files in here!(The IDE path of library file)
Specific operation you can see another article I shared, where I have to have a more detailed explanation of how to operate the function.
Below I will explain the code! Because of too much information, download code please go to the accessories
The project of the video you can watch here, personally think that the project is very interesting. Facebook (3.19 KB)