super simple question here. just looking for opinions

what do y'all use for circuit design software? something that's good for boards that could possibly be printed and preferably has several components to choose from to build my circuit. currently I use an app called every circuit. I mostly use it for voltage divider calculations and a few other things. however I would like to design on something that could be put on a circuit board.



Can download the Arduino files for many boards as a starting point.

Sparkfun, Adafruit have libraries for many parts, and if you register *free) at they often have symbols for parts also. is also easy to learn/use, and I believe can create Gerber files for the PCB companies.

@LandonW, it is indeed about those two: KiCad and Eagle.

There is expensive design software, but for home usage it is mostly KiCad and Eagle.
Until a few years ago, Eagle was the software to use because it is good and has a free version.
Then came KiCad, and since some people prefer open-source software it became popular.

I have moved from Eagle to KiCad, but that was easy, since I only make schematics.

I think that Eagle is better, the software and the available parts.

In the end, both have advantages and disadvantages and annoyances. If you learn to use one, it is not very hard to learn to use the other.

Thank you all for your responses.

I've not done so, but I'm told KiCAD can import Eagle files.