Super Vivarium Conrtoller

Good evening,i have 16 vivariums with a collection of snakes needing varied conditions(heat,light and humidity)within each viv Is it possible to control all the variables via an arduino and a relay board,Temp/humidity sensors,led lights and a home made mister(12v car windscreen washer bottle pump and mister jets.I have plenty of experiance with electrics,very little with electronics and no programming experience.The heat is controlled via ceramics which prefer to be fed via pulses rather than on/ off,also would like to connect a screen to monitor all parameters and comunicate with the home network as well is this at all possible?? how hard would it be? The other option is to purchase pid contollers for each tank and just use the arduino to monitor everything with history.

Thank you and regards


The Arduino can receive sensor input and provide output to actuators, but you would have to identify the sensors and actuators and work out the hardware and software needed to interface to them. It's unlikely to be especially difficult from what you've said so far, but [u]you[/u] will have to do it. The remainder of the problem will be implementing the control logic to maintain the required conditions based on the sensor inputs, and that part seems relatively straightforward.