Supercapacitor Solar Cell Locking Device

Hello, I am trying to use a solar cell to power a locking device. The solar cell has a rechargeable battery which can output 5v 1A. However, the solenoid lock I am using in my system is rated 12v 2A. I thought there was some way I could use a voltage booster with some super capacitors to get this to work. Am I crazy or is this possible? I only need power to the lock for 0.5s - 1s at a time for an unlock.

Perhaps using a 12V solar panel with a PWM Controller, a LIFEPO4 battery and down stepping the 12V to power the MCU. An opt0-isolator, or a transistor, or a MOSFET, or a relay can power the lock thingy.

But if you want you could boost the V's to 12 at a cost of more current consumed.

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For more context, the solar cell being used is a custom 10W 9V. It charges a lithium ion battery which is used to power an MCU and a couple of other things (sensors and whatnot).
The lock is a solenoid lock, meaning it unlocks when current is applied. It requires 12V 2A. This is where the problem lies.
I am relatively new to electronics so I am just trying to figure out if its possible to use the solar panel to give power to the lock (again current only needs to be applied for less than a second) and if I need some supercapacitors, some kind of step up, a new battery, or a new solar panel. Thank you

Just step it up and charge a 12V battery instead.

How often does it need to fire?

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Not so often. Here and there. Maybe a couple of times a day max.

Cost is also a potential issue. Ideally wouldn't require a new battery and charging module that is too expensive but if that is necessary so be it.

They aren't too expensive, given your limited usage.
That's just what I would do, but there are a bunch of ways to do this though.
Let others comment too as they may come up with a cheap solution for you, before you make a decision.

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Thanks. Out of curiosity (sorry I'm still new at this stuff) what battery rating would I be looking for and where is a reliable source to get one.

I think a 3S1P Li-Ion pack maybe from 18650s would work well and is quite cheap.

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