Supersonic sensor

I have a project with a supersonic sensor the problem is that when I disconnect it from the computer (that is, I disconnect the arduino) the sensor stops working and it does all the routine without taking into account the sensor. Is there any way that the sensor still work even when the arduino is not connected to the computer?

If you disconnect the Arduino from the computer, then obviously the Arduino doesn't get any power and stops working.
It seems you have an alternative power source. Is this a secret?

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Yes, I have a voltage source of 9V / 1A. I tried my circuit with another sensor (PIR) and with that it works but not with the ultrasonic one.

What is a supersonic sensor? Measures Mach number? Please post full details of all the hardware you mention, not vague descriptions, otherwise we just have to ask for them.

Think he means ultrasonic ,
Anyway - we need a circuit diagram of your setup