Supping power to 5 an 3.3v components.

I have

1 X 5v ardunio pro mini.
1 X 5v apa102 LED strip
1 X 3.3 nrf24l

I have been testing them using a 5volt supply for the nano and LED strip and then a separate power supply for the NRF module + and a logic converter to steop the logic voltage.

but i want to power the whole system remotely So i was planning on using 4XAA to power the Ardunio and then use the regulated 5volt to drive the LED strip (its a short strip and the ardunio seems to have no issue driving it)

but I was then wondering the best way to get the 3.3v for the NRF24l. The datasheet says 1.9 - 3.6v so i suppose i could just take power from 2 of the cells, but this would mean I would be pulling more power from 2 of the cells.

But i would like to be able to power from either battery or 5v power supply. so it would be nice to have on board regulation from 5 to 3.3v and i was wondering the best way to achieve this in a small package.

Thank you

came across these :slight_smile:

have inbuilt regulator that accepts 5v's :slight_smile: