Supply a LED-Stripe

Hello Everybody,

i want to add an Standard LED-Stripe to my Project. Something like this (german, but ideal for me):

Now, these Stripes are Supplied with 12V DC. So how can I make these things glow with my Arduino? Or what additions do I need?

Thank you and Have a nice Day TK

Like this but with your LED strip in place of the relay coil and diode:

Provide +12V at "Relay Power V+". The transistor will let the Arduino turn the strip on and off (or dim with PWM).

Thanks for answering,

but I donĀ“t have any outstanding power-source.
I only have the 5V on the IO-Pins. Furthermore I could get 9V from a battery.

You will need a Boost Converter to get up to 12V. If your 9V is from one the small square batteries, it will not last very long, they are only good for a few hundred milliAmp Hours.

I thing your right. I found a 7,2V / 1,8Ah Battery-Pack. Like these things for the RC-Cars. Fits :)

Do you think this Item should solve my Problem?

Have a nice Day TK

Bit overkill, but yes.