supply hdwre & software 24 input, 72 led output

I don't know if my request will meet the spirit of this forum, apologies in advance if this is so.
I know nothing of arduinos, hardware or soft ware but I have a project, which seems to be made for this. I am building , a guitar, I would like to lite led's at all frets in patterns as the player frets and grounds strings to various frets. if some one could specify the hardware required to take inputs from 24 frets and outputs to 72 small led's in various configurations and point to a program to run it, it would be a wonderful thing, if not perhaps a heads up in the right direction , though this all looks wonderful my head works better around physical things than electronic ones.

In order to reliably detect which fret each string is fretted at you need to divide each fret into isolated segments. For example, if you fret the third string between frets 2 and 3 and fret the fourth string between frets 1 and 2 you will get an electrical connection between the fourth string and fret 3: 4th string -> fret 2 -> 3rd string-> fret 3.