Supply noise from Neopixel PixelStrip

I’m in my final stages of my arduino project, which resolves around a Sparkfun BOB microphone that picks up a users voice and depending on how loud voice it picks up, my grid of pixelstrips will change patterns. The microphone works fine and so does my pixels strips, when they are not connected together (and in this case, both are using the 5v port).

As soon as I connect the neopixels data pin, my mic is unable to pick up any data and throws out readings that are completely off. Not only that, this causes also my pixelstrips to change patterns sporadically, which is not what I want!

So after asking on reddit, I learned that the problem I’m facing is supply noise from my pixelstrips that are interfering with my analog input. My question to you guys is, how can I prevent supply noise from my pixelstrips?

FYI I have a 1000uF capacitor if this will help

Super thanks in advance!

PS: I have 160 LED’s total, so I made a small strip of LED’s to represent my pixelstrip, to prove my point in my schematic :slight_smile:

You can't connect 160x 60mA LEDs to Arduino's 5volt pin. ~8 Neopixels is about the limit.

The Neopixels need their own 5volt/10Amp supply Leo..

Also, put capacitor ~ 470-1000uf across the external led supply. Put a 470 ohm resistor in series with the data pin.