Supply problem

Hello guys,

How can i supply 12 servo motors + an ultrasonic sensor + a bluetooth module while using an arduino nano.

Thank You

Using a suitable battery or mains power supply.

Servos (even if you only have one) should not draw their power from the Arduino.

What project are you trying to create? It makes a big difference to the power supply requirements if several servos must move at the same time or if they only move one at a time.


Use two separate power supplies, one for the servos and another for the rest.

Other than that just plug them all in and write some code. Note that you can use analog pins A0 to A5 for digital IO if you run out of dedicated digital pins.


Do you mean servos or servo motors?

If you mean 12 servos from the radio control hobby, then an easy way to handle power distribution is to use something like the Adafruit servo board. It allows you to plug in an external power supply and distributes that power to each servo. The library for the board includes tutorials/examples.

This is my project, the problem is that the servos doesnt work normally, when i supply the arduino nano with the laptop or with my external battery ( 5V 1A ) so I think that i need more current

Steewz: This is my project,

Can't you post your information here so we don't have to go to another website?

What is on that link?


As you have already been told you cannot power 12 servos from the Arduino. They MUST have their own separate power.

And 5V 1A is not nearly enough for that many servos. Even if they are micro servos you need at least 5A, possibly more if you expect them all to be moving at the same time.