supplying particluar voltage?(3.5V)

Im trying to develop a simple and practical n64 to PC contoller using my arduino and reading on most forums people say that the n64 responds to anywhere from 3.4v to 3.6, some people say it can go anywhere from 3.2 to 3.8 but just to be safe i want to supply it a good amount of power, i cant plug it into the 5v rail on my arduino mega because the pullup resistor in the controller will freak out and not send me any data, is there a way to modulate the power through the programming interface? or should i just run the 5v rail through a resisitor?

simplest: run 5v with resistor, if you are not powering it from a battery then you shouldn't worry about it...


Resistors only work if the load is constant, the voltage will vary if the current drawn by the device varies. Rectifier diodes will lop around 0.6 volts off and not be effected to any great degree by the current. I’d stick 2 or 3 1N4001 in series and see what comes out. It will certainly get it within the wider voltage range.

awesome i have like a handfulls worth of those in my drawers, also speaking of batterys i was planning on making the whole thing battery powered, i managed to grab this ipod battery rated @ 3.7V 900mAh, how would i go about regulating the power from the battery to the 3.3v devices and also from usb power to the battery/components when its being charged

might try googling dc to dc regulator. sounds like this is the way to go. with a few component you can get it regulated to a fixed voltage. you could use the lm317 but the drop is 1.25v from Vin. In other words to make the regulator work you would need atleast (3.5v+1.25v=4.75) 4.75v from the supply.

the thing im working on is pretty tolerant, i have about a +/- .5v leeway