support 2 boards at once, lock serial port and board type to code window

Apologies if this is already in beta test or suggested elsewhere...

I'm working on a project using a Mega and Leonardo that interact. I discovered I can keep both plugged into USB and the IDE detects and supports distinct serial ports. would be nice if I could lock the serial port to be used and board type to the given code window. As it is now I keep both programs open, but constantly have to manually switch serial ports and board types when going back and forth.

And by the way, thanks to everyone who makes everything Arduino possible!

Not aware of a way to do that with the stock IDE. I've had frustrations with just that issue in the past.
Code::Blocks let you lock configurations to a project file. You can have several projects open at once.

If running under windows, you can use Code::Blocks Arduino Edition. If running under Linux or MacOs(?) then you can install extensions for (the regular version of) CodeBlocks.

I use C::B under Win7, WinXp, Raspberry Pi's Raspian, Linux Mint - works great for me! (Though you do have to activate the project you'd like to build or upload)

CodeBlocks Arduino IDE: CodeBlocks Arduino IDE | (instructions for linux use below screenshots)

Run the IDE twice instead of using File / Open twice.