Sure DE-DD210

I bought one of these " 3208 controller Boards" a month ago... and I just got around to looking at it. First it's Typical of Sure in that there is No Paperwork and the website is less than informative because you have to go and look to find No Useful Data, Then Again... That's where the Fun is. Finally getting the cable into the right port on the board and then the right connector on my only display board (the Left one from the rear view) and getting the software running (issues because it needs a Java Run Engine and it can't find the Win7 one... I got it to display 4 Characters, Scrolling... From the USB port, disconnect it and the message stops. There are two push buttons, unmarked except SW... and a couple of what look like Comm ports... W/RS-232 Data present, looks like it is coming from an FTDI chip of one kind or another and to my surprise there IS what looks Very Much like 9600 Baud data, (100uS pulses min size) and I couldn't find a reference to it anywhere else here... So Any Ideas beyond the obvious? besides connecting it to the serial port and reading it... ???