Sure Electronics 2416

Thank you all for taking an interest. Just got my new board from sure electronics, I have loved playing around with the 7219 and a single matrix which I did many different things with. I thought this would allow me to create more designs and applications with.

I have had several problems being that I am unable to find a library that works. I have tried all the ones I could find of you tube and major ones. I now know there's a difference between the red and GREEN one which i have.

I found a library that worked (ish) and the axis was a little muddled. It took me **oody ages to find and I have just deleted the .h file. So sorry I was unable to pass it on to you. On the brighter side here is a video of me using it. I have the green one 16*24

Could someone supply me with a library that allows some basic xy setting eg. matrix.setled(x,y,true) I like to work just of that. And could someone also give me the suitable pin connections too, I find it incredibly hard to find it out :/ Thanks very much


#include "HT1632.h"

#define DATA 2
#define WR   3
#define CS   4

HT1632LEDMatrix matrix = HT1632LEDMatrix(DATA, WR, CS);

void setup() {

void loop() {


I liked this libary, it was just what i wanted. but didnt work with my matrix, plus lost the files for it