Sure Electronics 3208 LED Matrix Display

I am tinkering with the subject display and have it setup as described in an ARDUINO article by Federico Vanzati
This article uses a 5x4 font defined in a header file (font_5x4.h). I want to use a 5x7 standard font but it
appears I can’t simply relpace the font_5x4.h file with an identical file named font_5x7.h with the appropriate
bit-map image for a 5x7 font (and modifying the sketch to replace “#include <font_5x4.h>” with the new font
file “#include <dont_5x7.h”.) Does anyone have a 5x7 font file that would work with this app? If not, any
pointers on how to create a header (e.g. can it be created in C# rather than C++ etc.), would be greatly appreciated.

do a search on google for something called "The Dot Factory" or something similar...theres a tool that lets you take a font from your system, and generate font files from it.

Edit: here's a link to it

You may need to do some cutting and pasting to get it's data to look like the provided font5x4 file, but it may steer you in the right direction. Note though, that you might need to play with the code a little to get it to work with a font other than 5x4, such as any parameters related to font height, width, etc.

Thanks for the info. Good suggestions. I've resolved the header/library file issue/question in the Arduino - Library Tutorial ( tutorial) so, as you suggest, I think I'll need to modify the library files. The 5x4 font is embeded in them and if I change the bit-mappped images to a 5x7 format and name the file font_5x4.h, it dispalys them but cuts off the bottom of the chars. I'm positive it has to do with where the upper left corner of the font is set and this is done in the header file somewhere. Thanks again...