Sure Electronics - LED 24 x 16 Matrix - Pong Game

So I have am attempting to make a pong clock based upon this link (Workshop Weekend). I followed all the set up configurations from this website, including the Adafruit wiring, which I had to slightly adjust to my board, and had it all set up. I downloaded all the code, and uploaded it to my Arduino Uno then went to run it. The program SEEMED to be running properly and was running the pong game, the problem is that it seems the configuration of the board is incorrect. The orientation of all the individual 8x8 LED Matrices seemed to be incorrect to the corresponding code. For example the "ball" in the game would coast along one of the 8X8 Matrices correctly then would jump to a completely different 8X8 Matrix. Im wondering if since I didn't buy the Adafruit LED Matrix, I bought the Sure Electronics 24 x 16 Led Matrix ( instead that the HT1632 Library code may need tweaking of some sort. I tried to sort through it all, and I know a little code, but I could not come up with any ideas to adjust it to my needs. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!