Sure P4 32X8(64X8) scrolling or clock display examples?

I have a couple 32X8 Sure P4 displays, and I have not found any sketch examples using 32X8s, except to turn all LEDs on.

Oh I just found this for 16X32.

Would this be at all applicable to an P4-32X8 display using ht1632c?

Would these libraries be specific to the matrix, ie 0832, etc?

#include <font_5x4.h>
#include <HT1632.h>
#include <images.h>

Ashton, I would assume that this tutorial is applicable to your matrix. I was looking at these on Ebay P4 32X8 Green LED Dot Matrix Unit Board and in the features they say “HT1632C-based 32*8 LED dot-matrix info board” There was also an Instructable with three 32 x 8 displays with scrolling messages input via Ps2 keyboard.