surface mount 1N4007 options?

is there a readily available and comparable surface mount replacement for a 1N4007 diode? I am etching my own boards and just need to use it as a flyback diode on the coil of this relay It also has to be big enough to solder it to the board by hand.

thanks in advance!

I just use a 1N4007 and bend the leads down and cut them short. OR see

The 1N4007 is rated at 1000V and is a bit overkill. If you find a good deal on anything 1N400x you'll be fine.

Look at BAS 32


You may be thinking that from the description of this as a "flyback diode", that it is subject to a high voltage, such as in a CRT video monitor EHT supply.

As it happens, the very opposite is true - it is subject to no more than the supply voltage of the system you are using as it prevents excessive "flyback" when the relay is switched off. Nor does it have to be a high-speed diode because "speed" in diode terms almost exclusively refers to how fast they switch off and the very function here defines that it switches off very slowly!

Finally, its voltage drop is of little concern as you are not concerned about a volt or so in terms of the switching device's maximum rating (otherwise your design would be wrong), so a Schottky diode is of no benefit.

The only real requirement is that the current rating match that drawn by the relay. If that is less than 300 mA, a 1N914/ 1N4148 (technically rated at 4A surge and 100V) will suffice.

Thanks so much!! I mostly use 1n4007 since it seems to be a generic diode that is used everywhere and I need something that translated from breadboarded designs to surface mounted pcb. thanks again :)

1N4001 is available in SMB package

1n4007 is not surface mount. This one is similar

Also a SMB package. Use an SMB package, many SMB diodes are available.