Surface Pro not recognising Arduino Uno

Hello everybody,
My Surface Pro doesn’t recognise my Arduino Uno. Whenever I plug it in it gives me the error message attached below. I have tried to use device manager to adjust the preference but I can’t right click it, this may be because it is a school computer or because it doesn’t work like other windows computer. Please help!
Thank you!

Do you have anything else, such as a shield, wiring, module, etc., connected to the Uno? If so, try disconnecting everything from the Uno and then try just plugging the Uno by itself into the computer to see whether the problem still occurs.

Yes, I have connected an LCD keypad. I tried removing it but that doesn't seem to do anything.

IIRC there is a setting you may need to change on the surface tablets.

You may find the answer using the search in the upper right of the screen on the forum.