Surprise: console font is virtually invisible

here we go again. i upgrade to 1.8.12 and presto the error messages in the console window are invisible again and i go around and edit different configuration files and change the font color and get no result.
I doubt that the people at arduino are ever going to tell us why they do this in the first place, but i think it's reasonable to ask why they don't have a setting in the preferences menu to change it.

The orange on black error messages in my default Arduino 1.8.12 installation are glaringly, horribly visible.

well yeah if i had perfect vision it wouldn't be such a problem, but the point really is that there should be a file somewhere that i could edit to change the color, instead of multiple files that i can edit and none of them have any effect.

Arduino IDE 2.x has multiple theme options selectable from the File > Preferences > Theme menu, one of which is "High contrast". It is in beta development phase, so not yet suitable for regular usage, but at least you can get a preview of the direction the IDE is going in.

As for the classic IDE you're using now, there is some information about modifying the theme here:
(I know you're not satisfied with that, but it is what it is)

Maybe you will prefer to find a custom theme that meets your needs. Some here:

Comprehensive installation instructions here:

Thank you that is some useful info, although i did find another theme.txt file that turned out to be the right one. Of course the C:\Users\spill\AppData\Local\Arduino15\preferences.txt file that is specifically linked in the ... uuhh.. PREFERENCES menu doesn't help.
I found C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino, saw the lib folder and changed it's default user permissions, then i went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\lib\theme and edited the theme file, the console.error.color line under the heading # GUI - CONSOLE. My previous ordeals with this problem paid off.
THANX :slight_smile:

You're welcome. I'm glad to hear it's working now.

Regards, in0

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