surround control system

hi all i was wondering if it would be possible to use an arduino as a chanle serlect system.

basicaly what i have in minde i have a ardunio mcu conected to 8 relays a lcd display a bluetooth low energy module and a ir resiver. so basicaly i can use a ir remote buttons or the bluetooth low energy module useing a app on the phone to select one of the 8 chanels and it diplays the chanel name on the lcd and i can also display the chanle name on the app.

what i think i will need
an ardunio (maga may be the best for this correct me if i am wrong)
8 relays
bluetooth low energy module
8 buttons
and all th emisc parts (wiers capacitors resistors diodes etc)

what i would like to do if possible
use a second arduno as a remote with a bluetooth low energy module and lcd (same prinsable as the phone app)
useing some form of current sence for it to be able to detect if that item is on and if not at be abble to power it up using ir transmitters (now if i am right i could use one set of pins and dasiy chane all the ir transmitters from one set of pins)

What are these "channels"? Audio or video? Stereo, HD or what? Maybe they are just switching lights on in your house but I can't tell from the description.

sorry ye its sound

and it is stereo sound

For stereo sound, you need double-pole relays, otherwise you need two single relays to switch both left and right. Is it simply 8 inputs and 1 output or do you want to route different inputs to multiple outputs simultaneously?

There’s a lot of chips available to do this in solid-state, without using relays. Most stereo systems on the planet have at lest 4 inputs. If you’re willing to put a bit more time into the design, then you will get a better result. However relays are easy to think about as simple switches, so you will get the first version working faster with mechanical relays.

Leave the current-sense thing to last.

that is what i am thinking to get a ruff version done and slowly build it up and i was planning on useing double pole relays