Surveillance system: Making GSM Shield v2 and Arduino Yùn working together


Like many others on this forum, I have been working on creating a device that has the following functions:

  1. take a picture with a webcam
  2. store it on a SD card
  3. send this picture over cellular network to a remote location for surveillance purpose

The hardware I have put together is an arduino Yùn combine with an arduino GSM shield v2

I am currently able to take a picture with a webcam connected the USB port of the Yùn and store it on the SD card. This file is accessible from the arduino microprocessor of the Yùn.

With the arduino microprocessor, I am also able to send/receive SMS and voice call with GSM shield. The SIM card I have has a dataplan with the canadian provider Rogers.

The only function that remains to be implemented is to take the .jpg file on the SD card of the Yùn and send it in an email attachment with the GSM module. I have been stuck there for soooo many hours of search on this forum without success. I have also tried using MMS AT functions of the Quectel M10 module, also without success.

Any idea on how to solve this?

If I can solve this with your help, I would be glad to give ALL the workflow and sketch I have follow to make it work.

Thanks for any input,