Survey: Arduino projects and you

Hello everyone!

I'm taking a course on about user needs and would like to know how you find or develop new Arduino projects. Therefore I have created a very short survey with 8 questions and would be happy if you would take 2 minutes time for it:

To the survey on Surveymonkey

Once the survey is finished, I will publish the results here.

Thank you in advance!

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I think you need to provide an English language survey page?

Tom… :slight_smile:

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A few comments on the subject matter:
IMHO, there is rarely a point in doing a project that has already been described - either the other person has productized it, or it's customized to their needs, not yours. Picking over pieces of other projects for scraps of code and algorithms is of course another matter.

Arduino kits (and doing projects other people did and wrote up) is good for precisely one purpose: Learning the very basics of arduino such that you can figure out what to get for something you actually want to do.

Writing functions as tasks run in void loop() makes the code more modular, easier to reuse/share across projects. Small task code is easier to modify because it's small. It's easier to read too, same reason.

Hardest part is getting people to write code that doesn't block execution but that is what beginners first get.