Survey for final thesis (sensor/actuator networks)

My diploma thesis is about a system that should make it easy to use low cost sensor/actuator networks. Target users are technology affine artists or hobbyists who might not have the skills in programming or electronic engineering to set up such a system but might want to use one in an interactive art installation (e.g. similar to , but realised as a network that monitors or manipulates the whole installation / the whole installation is connected and every change to a sensor influences its global status).

The purpose of this survey is to collect suggestions from people who have the necessary skills, especially the ones who had a hard time o achieve it. I’d like to build this system as accessible, easy to use and useful as possible. Please follow this link:

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:
Robert Brendler
Computer Science Diplomate
University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany
Feel free to provide more feedback via email:
robert dot brendler at gmx de

done :slight_smile:

still need some more participants, would me nice if you could spend some minutes of your time.

Thanks to all of you who already took part!