Survey on organisation & community expectation

Hi everyone,

I'm a master's student at TUHH, Technical University of Hamburg. As part of my master's thesis, I am carrying out a survey to better understand your experience and expectations with regards to the organization of Open design projects.

Your opinion as Arduino user and community member is very important to me! That's why I'm inviting you to fill out my survey. Answering the questions may take about 8-10 minutes. The individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, aggregated results will be published as soon as the survey is finished. If you are interested, I can also provide some specific results about the Arduino community.

Please follow this link:

The survey is conducted on a per project basis. In case you receive my request more than once, it's because you are involved in several communities. It would be great if you would fill out the survey more than once, for all projects which are relevant to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you are interested in more details about this research work, please take a look at:

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards Marvelous

Well, I tried. My session "expired" while I was off doing something while on the last page, so I guess it didn't get submitted. I'm not inclined to do it a second time. ("expired"??!!)

Interesting questions (mostly about "project management" of OS projects.) Don't forget the story of the US rowing team: Most Open Source projects fail long before they get to the point of needing more management...

Thanks for the attempt. I would be very grateful to get your full response. Please do find time to help me with this as I need this support for my project.

Actually you can save and finish later if you want. There is a save button on the left side below the questions.


Hi everyone,

I still need your help.

Please I still need more people to fill my research project survey. It takes about 8 minutes according to those who already filled it. As promised, the specific result for this community will be shared.