Surveys are a cool new feature. I love it!

it's available under the gear icon

Do you like this ?

  • Yes, I love it. A cool addition to the forum's tools
  • It's cool but I won't use it
  • No, I don't like change

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Actually I seem to remember that it was possible in the old forum as well.

ah - missed that then. Never seen a post using that feature.

Personally I think that it may be overused and should be removed or restricted

It comes close to something I would like to see but for a very specific purpose, that is a sort of voting system for libraries, especially where there is a large proliferation of similar libraries.
Something like:

Which DS3231 library should be recommended for inexperienced users . . .

  • library 1 . . .
  • library 2 . . .
  • library 3 . . .

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however it does not really go far enough because there each vote should be strongly associated with a justification for the vote in the form of a mandatory comment.

why take something away? who cares if it's overused? what's the harm done?

Organise a poll to see if this feature should be retained. :grinning:

See the original post in this topic but see how there is not an option to express my opinion that it should be removed

Yes, asking questions is an art to bias the results :slight_smile:

joke aside, fair point (and you can't change the survey once published, so I can't add your choice)

Have you stopped beating your partner ?
  • Yes
  • No

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exactly :wink:

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