suspect the library file for occuring error!!!!

hi all,

i am using own development board in atmega328p for interfacing TSOP 1738 to switching the relay.
but it successfully compiled and done upload. it also working but after some hours during the relay switching the lcd showing garbage value instead of showing RTC time…

i include the library file to the below path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\RobotIRremote

i download the IRremote.h file from some website…

i connect the relay to load 230v-AC…

help me to solve the problem

What makes you suspect the library?

I wonder if it could be a variable overflowing maybe?

In any event, always good practice here to post code and schematic.

1) Show your code using code tags so it looks like

your code here

2) Show a schematic diagram how it's all connected; can be a photo/scan of a hand-drawn one if needed


during the relay switching the lcd showing garbage value

This suggests you have a EMI (ElectroMotive Interference) problem.

See this page: for ideas on how to fix this...

THIS Page also has information on how to plan a project to avoid these problems.

This does NOT sound like a software problem.

the lcd showing garbage value

What sort of LCD display are you using? I can get garbage on my 16x2 with bad electrical connections as everything warms up or vibrations from pressing buttons.

You need to post either a link to the library or the library itself if you want people to have a look at it.