swapping ide

Is it possible some way to program a due with Leaf Labs IDE as they have better commands. Or at least give due the pwm write command from the leaf ide?

I really have to get my project moving in one direction or an other soon.

It's not possible to program the due with the maple-ide as they use another processor. Getting the pwm feature from the maple-ide is possible, but it would probably be less work the rewrite the arduino-ide analogWrite command and add a set_pwm_freq command.
So as I see it you can either..

  1. use the maple.
  2. write your own function that sets the freq of the pwm as well as the duty value.
  3. wait till the arduino guys has done something about it.

I've seen on your blog that you are designing a shield for it, one alternative would be to make the shield for the due and just use wires to connect the maple for now.