SWCAN/GMLAN problems

Hi guys.

I have a problem with single wire CAN bus. I am using MCP2515 with SWCAN transceiver NCV7356 wired on breadboard and standard MCP2515 library (source: Seeedstudio). I added mode pin control functionality into the example I want to run - I define 2 pins as output and then both are set to HIGH, since I am testing the code and I want transceiver to be in Normal mode all of the time.

Problem is that transceiver is not working and I don't know why. Signals come to all of the inputs (TxD, Mo, M1) and RxD, but there is nothing on the SWCAN bus. Have any of you guys work with SWCAN? Is there something else beside bound rate (33kpbs) in 2515 that has to be set to correct value or is there something wrong with transceiver or even mode control?

Thanks for the answers.