Sweden, West Coast, Göteborg

Just checking to see if there's any arduino tinkerers in or around Göteborg that might want to meet up and share ideas and knowledge with other fellow tinkerers.

Malmö's hardly West Sweden, but we have a hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen. Google it. At the hackerspaces dot org wiki we have a page.

If you ever come down south, please make yourself heard on the mailing list.

We're setting up a study group on microcontrollers. And we're targeting Arduino and perhaps some PIC.

Since the previous post was my first, I was not allowed to write a link in it.

Here I go again: Forskningsavdelningen at the hackerspaces wiki.

Thank you for the invite. Seems like a nice little thing you got going there.

If I had the time I'd love to have something similar here on the west coast.

You can also attend our Souther Scandiland Meetings, they happen every other month in Malmo and every other month in CPH.

Check them out at www.1scale1.com


Thank you for that invite aswell. And since your gatherings are during weekend its far more likley that I will be able to attend.


Hej Makkan,

I’m in Gothenburg and would love a arduino workshop! Have not yet worked much with the arduino but many other similar small chips like BX24 and the Tini for instance. I know some more people that might be interested in joining up as well.


Tjena Kalle,

Just as I was beginning to think I was all alone in Goteborg. Sort of ironic in a city full of engineers.

I'll send you a PM and we'll try to figure something out.


I'm planning a hacker space in gothenburg and arduino's are one of my interersts :)

You can join the planning in our google group (see the next message for the link)


Excellent! Just what I've been waiting for. I'll check it out right away.