Swedish area

How about an area in Swedish?

I like the idea but I highly doubt that there are enough of us here:P

/Jon - Sweden -> ~Malmö

I don't know size of the swedish arduino userbase, but I do not think that we are that many... So for now (until proven wrong) I do not see the need for a swedish area

/Peter - Sweden - Göteborg

yes, the userbase is probably verysmal however a swedish forum might increase the number of swedish users of arduino, that would be really neet...

[Swedish] Av rent intresse, var köper du dina elektronik prylar? Vad jag vet så verkar elektrokit vara bäst... [/Swedish]


We've actually talked about this with other Swedish Arduino users before (as David Cuartielles teaches in Malmoe), and the response was usually that they preferred using the English forums. Do you think there are a significant number of users who'd prefer a Swedish-specific forum?

Sorry for jumping in here :slight_smile:

I’m danish - and i think that the only good reason i can find to start a new language area is if there’s quite a lot of Arduino users speaking that language AND they are not very fluent in english.

Usually most people from the scandinavian countries speak / read / write english pretty well.

If we have too many different language areas the information in the forum will be fragmented, and we run the risk that some information is only available in one language.

I concurr.

I generally prefer english talking areas. I however do se a point in having a swedish forum. But that is mostly to find other swedes to talk too/work with but mostly to discuss sources.

Finding good local sources of components are hard, and sharing tips from fellow contrymen could be beneficiary.

I second that! I miss so much good ideas and information just because every language will have their own room.

Keep it all on English for this community.

You could just start a new topic in a forum and only those that could understand what you were saying would respond.

My idea was to make an "Nordic" board that could gather Sweden, Denmark and Norway :o

I'm from Denmark too. For my part I would prefer the forum with the most likely help = the biggest, and think that english is not a real problem for most.

But a thread where issues with limited geographic interest is discussed could be interesting. People could pop a message to say hi, I live in this specific area, events could be announced and part-dealers discussed.

But for the helping out with software and hardware problems an idea from the other side of the globe is as good as one from your neighbor.

BTW: Nice to know that other folks in Denmark and Sweden are messing with the Arduino too :D

You put us English speakers to shame. We get lazy because most other countries encourage there kids to learn English. Our schools should encourage more kids to learn at least one other language.


I support a scandinavian forum, finding good parts/hardware sources is not that easy up here in the icy north. I know such a forum would've boosted my arduino experience in the beginning.

But ofcourse as noenoe have already pointed out, hardware/software related questions/disceoveries/proposals shout be discussed in a international forum cathegory.

@gordon in norway we learn to foreign languages, english plus german/french/spanish (I really want to tease you for your mistyping of the word 'there' that should've been 'their'. Now... I guess I have 8-) no offence, just had to, you know the feeling? )

Jus cos I onle speek english dont meen im fik. Now go on and translate how we really speak in the outer parts of London. :)


Got all parts but the ‘fik’ :slight_smile:

British accents are cool! But I can’t manage to speak in a british accent myself :[

Now it’s your turn to translate regular norwegian: (bokmål):

Bare fordi jeg ikke kan snakke med britisk dialekt betyr ikke at jeg ikke forstår det.

Or in a dialect:

Bærre fordi e ikkje snakka britisk, so e ikkje det slik at e ikkje kan forstå det du meiner.

OT: Noen som vet om noen gode butikker i skandinavia med unntak av elfa og electrokit ?

En udmærket butik som har mange forskellige ting er: http://elektronik-lavpris.dk/ De har dog ikke Arduino :(

Does anybody know about stores selling adafruit boards in Scandinavia (preferable) or some other european country?

When passing customs to the EU the prices seems double.

Denna Svenska butik har Arduino och lite till, levererar till Norge och Danmark mfl. http://www.electrokit.se/

I think a swedish forum could be nice. Isak - Sweden

You can also get Arduino stuff at Lawicel (www.lawicel-shop.se/shop/), including loose ATMEGA168 with bootloader. I've bought from here and electrokit and had very good service from both.

/david (i Luleå)