Swing accelerometer + wireless communication

Hello Arduino Community!

After I read an article about Arduino I have decided to try it. The first idea what came up is to make a swing and play music in dependency of the swing coordinates. I started to read different diy articles and I am amazed of the quantity of the possibilities of Arduino with shields/sensors/modules that also got me confused. I need some help!

To get the idea of what I want to create - you can see it here ( http://www.dailytouslesjours.com/project/21-balancoires/ ) So far I have come up with this schematic/steps of what it's needed for this project. 1) Read the data of the swing with accelerometer 2) Transfer data 3) Play notes/music in dependency of data

and what i came up with the hardware: 1) On the first step it would be used Arduino Uno with MPU 6050 Accelerometer (http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MPU-6050) 2) this step is the one that confused me. I thought it would be better to transfer data wireless, and here got stucked because after reading this article ( http://www.cpyarger.com/2012/12/arduino-wireless-communication-methods.html ) I came to the conclusion that the best type of wireless communication to use is Xbee, but not quite sure. After a little market research i noticed they are quite expensive. 3) in this step, the main problem is the same as in the second one, the communication way. The programming stuff is not a problem.

So the questions are: Am I on the right track ? Are there better wireless communication solutions for Arduino ? What would you use for this project so it would work and would not be expensive ?

Thank you!

I don't see why it would need to be done wirelessly - there's a chain/rod going up to the hinge already. I would have thought that a potentiometer driven by a link at the hinge point would be easier to get working, although of this is a long term project you might want to look at a rotary encoder instead.