Swing gate motor: can I increase the speed?


I will soon receive 2 of those motors:

I also have their control board, remote controls and power supply, in fact everything needed for a swing gate mechanism.

They use a leadscrew. They are quite slow (around 20mm/s), at least when controlled by their board and with gates attached to them.

I would like to use them to make something like this:

In this picture he use actuators in lieu of the motors I want to use.

I have 2 questions:

Can I increase their speed much more than 20mm/s? 200mm/s would be cool.
Do you think they will be powerful enough to move the seat when I'm on it?

I'm affraid they are inappropriate for my project...but I got them for free.

Or should I use them to make a CNC machine? Ideas are welcome, thanks.

It will be easier to tell once you get them open. Perhaps you can replace the motor and gear reduction with a motor from a cheap cordless drill.