SwissFlow Flowmeter

Hello all,

I'm a newbie when it comes to electronics like this. Just got my first Arduino Board (Arduino MEGA) and i'm trying to interface it with a SwissFlow SF800 flowmeter, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to read it. Below is the link to the specs about the flowmeter. Hopefully someone can help me out. It reads in cycles from 100 to 2000 Hz, but I don't know how to have Arduino read and interpret that (or even just print it to the serial). I don't have an oscilloscope to read the pulse output either. Thanks.

Sorry, had to add the link as a second post.

The specifications say:

Output: frequency
Output frequency: 100 to 2000 Hz (depending on the flow velocity)

So you probably can measure high or low pulses coming from the sensor. If you have an oscilloscope it would be even easier.

Have a look here:

But that assumes a digital output, which the website doesn't specify.
You may need some signal conditioning (maybe just a comparator), but without a scope, it would be difficult to know exactly.