switch between functions with potentiometer

Hi everybody,

First of all sorry for my English i'm not really a native speaker...

So I'm working on a project but I definitely have problem with the code (i've arduino uno)

I have a led-strip and want to set up different functions (like one that make leds blinks, another that put leds to red, green...) To switch between these I thought to use a potentiomètre. I made a test program but this is not working like I would.

What I want is to switch directly when turning the potentiometer but in my case I always need to wait the functions to be completely finish before the program detect a change with the potentiometer.

I tried to use multi tasking like OS48 but this is not working at all...

Is there a solution to make the arduino verifying a value all the time and directly change functions when it does ? (So exit the actual function and switch to another)

Hoping this is clear :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


I can't understand why you thought your question has something to do with

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I have suggested to the Moderator to move this to the Project Guidance section.

In any case, if you need assistance you should post the program you are having trouble with.