Switch case by selection with 4 buttons

Good day I have a question times hope someone can help me. It is a switch case requirement. I want to turn on 2 LEDS with 2 buttons. This will be changed later still with 4 buttons. example, if button 1 is pressed then be selected switch case1. if button 2 is pressed then switch case2 should be selected. and so on .. my little exercise to look like my code:

int button1 = 18; int button2 = 19; int LED1 = 26; LED2 int = 28;

void setup () { pinMode (button1, INPUT); pinMode (button2, INPUT); pinMode (LED1, OUTPUT); pinMode (LED2, OUTPUT); }

void loop () {

int state = HIGH; int one = digitalRead (button1); int 2 = digitalRead (button2); switch (state) { case 1: digitalWrite (LED1, HIGH); break; case 2: digitalWrite (LED1, HIGH); break; default: digitalWrite (LED1, LOW); digitalWrite (LED2, LOW);

} }

I constantly told by the case 1 and 2 do not recognize the program What am I doing wrong or do I have to do to make it work? Hope to help. Thank you first for the effort in advance. MFG Mike S

 int 2 = digitalRead (button2);

That'll never compile.

why what I'm doing wrong or what I should change?

Think about it; how is the compiler supposed to know the difference between the number 2 and your variable 2?

Simple. It can’t, so it doesn’t allow the possibility that you call a variable “2”.
It won’t mind “two”, like it didn’t mind “one”

what I’m doing wrong

There’s the lack of code tags, and the code within the switch that isn’t in a case.

if button 2 is pressed then switch case2 should be selected.
and so on …

You can’t just say “and so on” when their is no clear indication as to how these 4 switches will control the LEDs. All we know is that switch 1 turns on LED1, and switch 2 turns on LED 3. What do switch 3 and 4 do?

int LED1 = 26;
LED2 int = 28;

The positions of the variable name and type aren’t interchangeable. The 1st line is correct, the 2nd line isn’t.

int 2 = digitalRead (button2);

Variable names can’t start with a number.

   int state = HIGH;
   switch (state) {

You don’t ever change the value of state, so it will only ever run one of the cases.

The one with the LEDs was just a test program. Actually, I will let run 4 different sequences with the switch case statement.

for example: Button 1 should be run case 1 Button 2 to be run case 2 Button 3 must be run case 3 Button 4 should be run case 4

if no key is pressed is not running are held.

A switch statement isn't the best way to do this since you will have 4 variables. You could do some bit manipulation to stuff those into a single variable, but you're better off using an if/elseif structure. The if/elseif structure will also make it easier to define priority (what happens if both 1 and 2 are pressed at the same time?).

ok I thank you sincerely would have thought that I would be there right away in my sequence 1 with a switch case would be better because Duch a button to push button 1

Actually, it should be a keeper Electronic Bar with 4 buttons 1 button to go to position 1 and take out 2 cl whiskey and drive back 2 key to move to position 1 and 4 cl whiskey get out and drive back 3 key to position 2 and should go out and get 2 cl Vodka drive back Button 3 to move to position 2 and 4 cl Vodka get out and drive back

So I thought I'm drann better with a switch case statement so I only have to install the control flow in my case.

Google translate isn't doing too well - would it be better to post in the German section?

Dortmunder85: So I thought I'm drann better with a switch case statement

Again, a switch statement works with a single variable, not multiple ones. You have multiple variables, ergo, a switch statement is NOT the correct way to go about this. Use if/elseifs so that you can easily define priority.

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