Switch depending on speed, hall sensor

Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

I want to have a switch that is on/off depending of speed.
I know speedometer can use hal pulse to show speed, but is
there a way to control a switch.
Im building a Etrike TTW. only want it to be tiltable in speed
over 15km/h kinda. So need an on/off signal.
Have 2 Qs-motor 6Kw with 2 Kellycontroller kls-7245h

Kind regards
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Well, if you have a working speedometer you could write:

bool tiltEnable;
tiltEnable = speed < 15;

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
My speedometer is only a gauge for speed. Nothing i can program :frowning:
Need a circut that is adjustable, so i can set diffrent speed that switch react on.
My motor have three hall sensors and 32 motor poles.
Can you link me a programable speedometer?
Kind regards