Switch monitoring on a Nano

Hello, I make and sell wooden clock kits for a living and my latest project uses a stepper motor controlled by an Arduino Nano and silentstep stick, just so you can see what the motor does please take a look at this short video Tredecimus
As you can see the motor is used to lift the ball bearing, the motor is triggered by a magnetic (reed) switch, and everything works as it should.
However the switch just completes the circuit on the enable to the stepper controller, the Nano of course producing the signal continuously, which just seems a bit ineloquent to me, ideally I would like the Nano to monitor the switch and then start signaling the controller when contact has been made.
The code I am using is as below and I would kindly ask if someone could add a loop that would monitor the switch (presumably on 2 analoge pins) and therefore turning on the stepper as required.
I am absolutely out of my element with this and walked around with a big smile once I had the rig up and running.
Thanks in advance.

/*   (  Simple Stepper Motor Control Exaple Code
 *  by Dejan Nedelkovski, www.HowToMechatronics.com

// defines pins numbers
const int stepPin = 3; 
const int dirPin = 4; 
void setup() {
  // Sets the two pins as Outputs
void loop() {
  digitalWrite(dirPin,HIGH); // Enables the motor to move in a particular direction
  // Makes 200 pulses for making one full cycle rotation

sketch_feb14a.ino (611 Bytes)

I would suggest start with the button tutorial: https://www.arduino.cc/en/tutorial/button and make your best attempt.