switch on/off Quectel M10 GSM Shield

I have Quectel M10 GSM shield on Arduino Uno R3.
I use them for send data to a remote server.
I'd like to turn off the modem when not sending data (or turn it on when he must send data) in order to save charge of the battery supply. Can you tell me if some command exist for this scope?
Thank you for the answer

Yes, the GSM shield has software power control through pin D7. You may need to make a solder bridge on the underside of the shield to enable the feature. It is detailed on the product page for the shield.

  pinMode(7, OUTPUT); 

Thankyou "dannable"! All work fine now.

But is it possible to read somewere the staus of the shield?
Because when I use the above code is not possible to know if the shield is turned off or turned on before the code works...

Send an 'AT' command. If it's on it'll respond... if it doesn't respond within a certain amount of time it's not on?

hi gpalmia,
some time ago I asked in this forum for an example how to send data to a server with the GSM-shield.
I am using the Quectel M10 too and want to send just about 5 bytes every 5 minutes.

Can you please send me such an example. It would be great :slight_smile:


Hi interesting to do the same power on my GSM Shield of Arduino each time that I power on the Arduino Uno R3 and it start to send data and GSM by itself, could you please explain which pins needs to be soldering