Switch ON, PAUSE and again ON from the pausing stae

I need to turn ON 4 LEDs one by one using switch. If I press switch one time first LED is turn ON and then I want to press switch two times and then I want to turn ON 3rd LED. How can I do this?

The state change detection example shows you how to count the number of times that a switch has become pressed. Seems like just what you want to do.

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Too many unknown variables.

Do you want only one led on at a time or do you want every possible combination?

One LED at a time; You can easily cycle from OFF, LED1, LED2, LED3 LED4. Just use a counter. When you reach 5 set counter to zero. If you want to go straight to any LED with a single push, double push, triple push and quad push, you need both counter and keep track of interval between pushes. Perhaps a long push to turn all off?

Any possible LED combination; It is 16 combinations, and there I recommend a counter. It is pure binary translation b0000, b0001, b0010... all the way up to b1111. Push to count up, push and hold to step backward.