Good day, i just bought arduino uno r3, i want it to act as a switch for my circuit. i have to bulbs with same volts, but different power supply, so lets name bulb number 1 as red and bulb number 2 as green, so i want a code that will switch the power supply for red bulb to green bulb. and green bulb power supply to red bulb.


This seems very similar to the question in your other thread. You won't double the chances of an answer by doubling the number of times you ask the question; if anything it annoys people who might then decline to help, and it pisses the mods off.

Work through the examples, look at the link to the relay tutorial I gave in the other thread.

Like JimboZA says your question it's very similar to this one:

I answer in the same way that I did in that thread:

For what I understand, you will need 2 relays.

What are the "wattages" for the bulbs, and the voltages?

Tip one - never use a relay when a transistor can do the same Job and consume less, power make no noise and is cheaper, AND THERE IS NO VOLTAGE THAT IT IS SAFE FOR YOU TO WORK WITH THAT CAN'T BE CONTROLLED BY A transistor.

Tip two - never use a bulb when a LEd is allways better.

Tip three - spend 20 or 30 hours looking through the playground section of this site.