Switching a solid state relay

I am a beginner, and I need to switch this relay. Can someone please help me with code and wiring? I assume the relay needs 3V. It says 3.3V on one of the pins on my arduino uno - Can I use this?
Any help will be appreciated.

Connect pin 4 of the relay to Arduino GND and pin 3 to an Arduino digital pin.
Set the digital pin to OUTPUT using pinMode()
Output HIGH to the pin using digitalWrite() to turn the relay on and LOW to turn it off

If none of this makes sense then you have not looked at the examples in the IDE, which you should do.

WARNING The Ebay listing does not mention the current used to turn on the relay so it could exceed the current available from an Arduino pin which could damage the Arduino. Does the relay come with any more details or can you measure the current used at 5V ?

Thank you, this is all I needed.